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ADVENT SERMON SERIES 2019: “Birth Marks” – Five Biblical Births that Made a Mark on History

Quick question: what is one thing that Isaac, Moses, Samson, Samuel and Jesus have in common?

“Pastor Tom, they were all a part of ancient Israel.” If you said that, you are correct. But that’s not what I was thinking.

“Pastor Tom, they are all male.” True. Let’s go more specific.

“Pastor Tom, they all have S’s in their names!” True again. I’ll stop annoying you and just tell you what I was thinking of.

Each of these men, Isaac, Moses, Samson, Samuel and Jesus are connected with what we might call unusual or supernatural birth stories in scripture. Their births were not normal. God had a very special plan for each of these men, and that plan was demonstrated from the time prior to their births up through their births and into their very eventful lives. In each case, the scripture is telling the story in such a way as to alert us that something very unique is happening here, in this person’s life, in this person’s calling and ministry.

Isaac, the child of promise.

Moses, the child that would bring deliverance.

Samson, the child that would become a warrior-deliverer for God’s people.

Samuel, Hannah’s much prayed for son, who would faithfully lead Israel into obtaining its first King, and a King after God’s own heart.

And last but not least. Rather, last and greatest: Jesus the Christ. The one who was born of a virgin and who was set apart as the only Savior of the World.

In this series, we will compare and contrast the births and lives of Isaac, Moses, Samson, and Samuel with the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

In their own way, each of these unique births points forward to the greatest, the most miraculous, and the most meaningful birth the scriptures ever portray, and the world has ever seen.

God permitting, by comparing and contrasting these births and seeing how Jesus’ birth completely fulfills this pattern and overshadows it, we will get a unique angle on our Savior’s birth, the Incarnation, and God’s purpose for the world and us.

May God’s Spirit rest upon us and fill us this advent season to see our Savior with new eyes and full hearts!


Pastor Tom