Sharing Christ with Muskegon & the World


138 years of history of Lakeside Baptist Church in Muskegon, Michigan.

On August 14, 1881, The Swedish Elim Baptist Church was organized with 32 charter  members. Rev J. P. Forsell was the first pastor.  They met for worship in private homes and in a room at the Muskegon Baptist Church on Sunday afternoons. They immediately made plans to build a church and this was completed in the Spring of 1882.

The first church burned to the ground in 1891 and a new church was built and dedicated in December of the same year.  In 1893 they joined the newly formed Lower Michigan Conference which was also a part of the Baptist General Conference.

A Christmas fire destroyed the interior of the church which was soon repaired, but in 1902 the tower was struck by lightning and had to be rebuilt.

The first English meeting was held in December 1915, in the form of a song service one Sunday evening each month.  In January of 1923 the church was reincorporated under the name of Lakeside Baptist Church and by 1931 the church had grown to be the largest Swedish Baptist congregation in Michigan with 283 members and an enrollment of 440 in Sunday School.  In 1933 the English language was used in the Sunday morning services.

A Sunday School Building was dedicated in April of 1948, and a new sanctuary was built and dedicated in April of 1958.  This is our present building, which has been redecorated with new windows, carpeting and painting.

Lakeside Baptist was instrumental in planting several other churches in the Muskegon Area over the years.  We are still a member of the Baptist General Conference which has been renamed Converge and is worldwide.  We are still preaching and teaching the same Gospel message and remain a beacon of light on the corner of Denmark and Miner.