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Making Life Count

There is a certain time of the year that all sailors dread: the end of the sailing season.

I am an amateur sailor, but it is certainly in my blood. I love the peaceful time on the water with my family. I love the wind and how it moves a heavy boat. I love the time in God’s beautiful creation, the rest that it brings. I love all things sailing, except perhaps, the never-ending boat projects. Every good habit has a down side right?

Unfortunately, it is that time of year.

The boat is on the cradle. On land. “On the hard” as sailors say with sadness. That’s not where a boat belongs.


But is has been a great summer. We got a new boat this year. Though it is quite old, it is new to us. And we have really enjoyed it. Our big trip this past summer was a weekend getaway for just my wife and I, sailing down to Grand Haven. That weekend was a little slice of Heaven here on Earth.

How sailboats actually work amazes me. I won’t bore you with a long explanation of the physics of sailing. But did you know that much of the time, sailboats are not being pushed by the wind, but rather sucked forward by the wind? It has to do with low pressure and the vacuum that is created. I’ll explain it more if you ever want to know. That’s how sailboats can head almost directly into the wind and still move forward. Amazing!

Also amazing is how this little thing at the back of the boat, called a rudder, steers the whole thing. We put up the sail which harnesses this amazing amount of raw power from the wind, and yet this little “rudder” steers the whole boat.

We’ve got to put up our sails.

And we’ve got to carefully steer with the rudder.

We need power (the wind) and direction (the rudder). And that’s a lot like life.

We need to be heading the right direction with our lives.

None of us wants to waste our lives.

Life is shockingly short, for all of us. We want to make sure we are steering the right direction. I believe that God is the one who gives us that right direction. His will is “true north”. He tells us the right and the best way to live. No matter what waves bash into our boat, no matter what kinds of storms we face, we want to get into the safe harbor of God’s shore. We want to keep our direction, no matter what seeks to push us out of our path.

But that brings us to our need for power. We need God’s wind in our sails. And he is happy to give that wind, that power, to anyone who is willing to steer their ship in God’s direction.

God’s wind, God’s power, comes to us through the gift of his Holy Spirit.

And the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts only as we trust Jesus as Savior.

We need God’s direction. We also need God’s power and help to get there.

Everyone’s life is being steered in a certain direction. Is it in the right direction? Is our life going according to God’s purpose for us? Or are we steering the wrong way?

Sometimes we steer in a certain way because we are trying to please family and friends. Or we are facing desires, temptations and fears.

Have you ever thought about why you make the decisions you make?

Why you are going the direction you are headed? The Bible says that Jesus is “The way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6)

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105). This is the importance of studying God’s Word.

That’s why at Lakeside, the sermon is a central part of the worship service. And that’s why we encourage everyone to read and meditate on the Word of God on a daily basis.

What’s steering your life?

We’d love to help you get your spiritual life on course.

Feel God’s wind fill your sails. Learn how to steer the boat toward what really matters in life. Let’s seek God’s beautiful life together. Storms will come. Waves will pound against us. But if we have God’s direction, God’s purpose, and God’s power to get there, we will enjoy this journey.

And that’s a journey infinitely more blessed and important than sailing.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Tom