Sharing Christ with Muskegon & the World

Pastor’s Report

2019 was a wonderful year for Lakeside Baptist Church and for me as I served LBC as pastor. I continue to be thoroughly thankful for a church family that is mutually supportive and loving, not just toward me but toward each other. There are many servant-hearted people in our church and this makes serving this family a joy.

For much of the year, we continued learning from the book of Luke. I have absolutely loved preaching this book! For advent, we took a break and tried something different with our “Birth Marks” series. Now we return to the book of Luke for awhile. Most likely, after that, we will continue where we left off in Genesis.

I have been so thankful for Pastor Tim Kitchen for his role in filling the pulpit so competently and faithfully. We are not sure how much longer the Kitchen family will be with us, as they are actively considering various ministry positions. But we are thankful for any remaining time we have with them. May God bless their search!

It has almost been three years that I have been at Lakeside. It seems impossible that it has been that long! Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. I am so thankful for the strong measure of health we enjoy at Lakeside. I feel that we have gotten to know each other well and that there is a strong sense of excitement and unity and joy in the Lord. These are massive blessings.

That being said, we want to share the love Christ has for us, the love we have for each other, and especially the gospel, with more and more people. One thing that I feel the Lord laying on my heart is how we as a church can seek to reach young families. We have made some great strides in the department of trying to update our facilities (New parking lot! New banners and signs! Improved website and social media presence!) and yet we probably have a significant amount of work to do toward this goal. How can we reach out and be more welcoming and inviting to young families? How can we focus on reaching children and youth? In essence, how can we reach the next generation? We know that this is the Lord’s heart, and that he will guide us if we seek him in this purpose. Let’s think outside of the box. The elders and I welcome any ideas that you have in this regard. I am thankful that we have the foundation of a loving, warm and open congregation to begin to build with! Would you pray with me for God’s wisdom to know how to make effective efforts toward this goal of reaching the next generation at our church? Our Savior has good plans for us if we will follow closely after him.

Lakeside’s ministry continues to be a team effort. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say! We move forward together, or not at all. And thankfully, we’ve got many people who are pulling their significant load of work. Thank you so much for your service! And may God bless LBC in 2020.


Pastor Tom