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Making the Bible a Part of Your Everyday Life

Some suggestions from Pastor Tom Beetham

How can people apply the Word of God to their life?

I think it is important to slow down and zoom in. What I mean is that once you have read the Bible or a book of the Bible, it is important not to rush past it. There is a beautiful place for focusing in on one verse at a time, after you are familiar with its context. Then you can meditate (literally slow down and say it to yourself over and over again, either out loud or silently). Memorizing verses is so helpful. And I find quality Christian books (not just the more academic ones like theology, but also very practical ones) to be hugely beneficial. God gave his church teachers to help edify his church. Books are much like those teachers God gave us. We need to make sure the authors we are reading for those purposes are sound (not all “Christian” authors are sound), but when we find them, and there are many good ones, we can dive in and benefit so much from them!

Finally, reading with prayer is essential. Bible study or Christian reading needs to be bathed in prayer if it is to have any life-changing power. We need to express our dependence on God’s Spirit as we read if we truly want to be changed. That goes full circle to what I said at first to begin these questions and answers: Apart from God, I can do nothing. But if we abide in Him through prayer and his Word, we will bear much fruit in our lives!

Why is the Word of God important to the believer in Christ?

In John 15:5, Jesus tells us, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”  We learn there that he abides in us through his word, and we abide in him by depending on him through prayer. Without the word and prayer, I can do nothing! Wow, that is humbling. But I have over many years found it to be true. But when I am saturated in God’s word and in prayer, I find that He moves mightily in my life and bears much fruit in me! So, there is a power in the word of God! This power is available to us seven days a week if we will connect with this word and depend on him in prayer.

Reading Through the Bible in a Year

Betty Boes and Her Life-Changing Experience of Reading Through the Bible Thirty Times!

Few Christians have ever read the Bible through in a year. Almost none have read it through several  times. However, a Lakeside Baptist member has read the Bible through thirty times!

As a longtime reader of the Our Daily Bread devotional booklet, Betty Boes had noticed it included a schedule for reading the Bible in a year. Several decades ago, she decided to give it a try and it has become a daily practice that has changed her life.

According to Betty, her Bible reading takes about an hour a day. “Because I’m not working, I find it easy to read first thing in the morning. Usually about seven o’clock. It’s not really hard to stick with it day by day, you just have to make up your mind that is what you’re going to do and so that is usually the first part of each morning for me.”

Betty uses the reading schedule from Our Daily Bread. Each day typically includes “ two or three chapters in the Old Testament and one chapter in the New Testament. And when the chapter in the New Testament is longer, it is generally divided into two days. But I’ll read it all at once and then skip that part of the reading on the next day.” After trying a strictly chronological reading schedule one year, she decided she preferred the approach in Our Daily Bread.

Her annual readings have utilized multiple versions of the Bible. After starting with the King James Version, she has read from the New King James Version, the Living Bible, the NIV, and then the ESV. She has used some translations, such as the NIV and ESV, multiple years. For 2020, Betty decided to read a Bible paraphrase. “This year I’m reading through The Message, which is really much longer version, but I find it very interesting so I’m glad I’m reading that.”

Betty has seen multiple benefits from her reading. “For one thing, when you read like that all the time, you are reminded of the things God wants you to do or how you should conduct your life. And also, it reminds me of what God wants me to do in addition to what he’s done for me.”

The Our Daily Bread devotionals are available in booklet form at the Lakeside welcome desk or online at